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(02Sep13) Coming Soon!! This fall, Martha will be announcing a new offering for corporate & private party bookings - An opportunity to have Babs, beloved cheerleader of National Lampoon's "Animal House", to host your next Toga Party! Babs will appear in her retro pink Toga, meet & greet, sign Animal House pictures & items and provide classic bacchanal Toga Party entertainment packages to liven up any "Animal House" reminiscent toga bash. Stay tuned and - Ask for Babs!

from "Animal House," Dr. Sandy Horton from "Days of Our Lives," Francine from "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" . . .  Martha Smith is as talented and versatile an actress as she is beautiful.

On this site, you will find much information about Martha, including her Biography, links to some of her favorite websites, and photos from her long and varied career.

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